KDSKA Team at Delhi National Tournement with KAI team members

KDSKA was incorporated as the non profitable organization and with the aim and objectives of only to promote the art of Karate in Kannur District at School, Collages, University and Corporate level not only as a Martial Art of Self Defense but also as a Sport. Karate Sports is now a medal event in School Games, National Games, SAF Games & Asian Games and recognized by International Olympic Committee and Olympic Council of Asia.

KDSKA have different member Clubs/Style Associations of different styles like Shito Ryu, Shotokan, shorin-ryu etc. and is fully involved in developing Karate Sport in Kannur district. KDSKA is the full member of Kerala Karate Association which is a full member of KAI (Karate Association of India is the only National Federation for Karate Sports in India duly recognized by World Karate Federation).

The membership in KDSKA is open for all those technically qualified people who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of KDSKA and following the KAI/WKF rules unconditionally.

Only the members in KDSKA are authorized to take Sports Karate at Schools, Collages, University and Corporate level in Kannur District. For More details please see the information in the table below  

Why Join with us

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    Karate Association of India (KAI)

    Karate Association of India is the full member of world karate federation and is the only national federation of Karete sport entitled to participate in WKF events representing the country of India.
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    Kerala Karate Association (KKA)

    KKA is the full member of KAI and is the only state association entitled to participate in all KAI events representing the state of Kerala. Also is the duly affiliated unit of the Kerala Olympic association in the sport discipline of Karate in the state of Kerala. KKA also certified that is the only organization representing the game of Karate in Kerala state.
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    Kannur District Sports Karate Association (KDSKA)

    KDSKA is the full member of of KKA and is the only district association entitled to participate in all KKA events representing Kannur District
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    You are unstoppable!!!!!!!

    so it can be simply concluded that, if you become a KDSKA member, the WKF doors are open to you, and you may be the next WKF world champion. yes you are really unstoppable...